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Retaining customers in the digital age

Posted on: April 11, 2019
Retaining customers in the digital age

Whilst technology – from social media to mobile phones – has levelled the marketing playing field and allowed organisations of all shapes and sizes to mass-market their products in efficient and targeted ways, it’s also brought with it some challenges. In the pre-social media era, an unhappy customer would simply tell their family and friends, now one disgruntled customer can almost instantaneously reach thousands of people and their experience can be seen by everyone who searches for that business online.

Using technology to your advantage

Technology can also be used to great effect when it comes to customer satisfaction and retention, however. Review websites like TripAdvisor and platforms like Twitter or Facebook can give a vast, unfiltered set of insights into what your customers think of your company and products. It can serve as vital (and effectively free of charge) market research and when monitored and acted on correctly can positively influence customer growth plans.

Taking on board customer suggestions, replying publically and transparently to queries and complaints, showing appreciation and championing devoted customers will all play a part in making them feel like they’re a part of the business. Building a cult-like, engaged and invested social media following that nurtures retention can have a very positive influence on other (potential or existing) customers too.

Tackling human bias

More often than not, the feedback you receive from customers, via whichever medium, will tend to be negative. People who have a negative experience feel more inclined to share it or complain than those who have a positive one. That doesn’t mean that those who have had a great experience with you should be ignored though. Encouraging positive reviews means that when potential customers come searching for you, they see a balanced overview of what people think about your business, giving others an insight into what it’s like to be a part of it.

All of these considerations are vital for businesses, in order to grow and retain customers and in turn increase profits too. That’s why businesses need employees with the skills and knowledge to critically understand the factors which influence consumer behaviour and which underpin consumer motivation and customer relationships. These essential skills are taught on Wrexham University’s online MBA programme, giving ambitious career-minded individuals the tools to help take businesses to the next level.

As well as customer continuity and growth, students will cover topics such as marketing, human resources and finance, equipping them with an extensive understanding of business and enabling them to take the next step in their career.

The 100% online MBA is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing those who may not be able to study in the traditional, on-campus format the opportunity to gain the qualification whilst fitting it into their busy schedules around work and family commitments. There is no need to attend campus, as all modules are delivered 100% online and there’s a choice of start dates too so you can begin studying whenever suits you. There’s also the option to pay-per-module, so the cost can be spread over the duration of study.

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