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Investing in your future with an MBA

Posted on: March 14, 2019
Investing in your future with an MBA

Whether you’re looking to accelerate your career or want to start your own business empire, you’ve probably considered an MBA a number of times. They’re often written off as too expensive, but the skills you gain from an MBA can easily pay for themselves over time.

The internet and advancements in technology have brought about a new wave of start-ups, paving the way for more executive roles and a need for employees to have a much wider understanding of business, rather than simply specialising in their chosen field.

A future investment

MBA’s are a very well-respected qualification, recognised and highly-regarded by businesses all over the world, giving students the ability to embark on or accelerate a career path in a wide range of sectors in the global market. Universities offering MBA courses often have close links with industry, offering students the chance to access first-hand business knowledge and experience and build useful contacts for the future.

There is no doubt that the skills and experience gained from an MBA can accelerate your career. After graduating students can expect to see a salary increase of around 35-45%, and that figure rises further still after five years, with an average increase of 55-65%.

Alongside salary, a new career path is a key reason for people undertaking this qualification. Many are looking for a change of direction, into areas such as marketing, human resources or business consulting; but there are a host of other options besides these too. Some people simply wish to progress in their current field, are aiming for board level and want to attain the business skills essential to climbing the ladder, others are looking to start their own business.

The skills to succeed

MBA’s teach general leadership, management and business skills, alongside an array of up-to-date disciplines which change frequently to ensure they match the constantly evolving demands of business. For example, many MBA programmes now explore business’s relationship with the environment, at a time when consumers are making conscious decisions to choose companies whose ethics and green credentials they can relate to.

Other skills taught on MBA courses can include strategic development, financial insights, innovation and people management; all essential to understanding both how a business functions and succeeds but also to empowering individuals to effect positive change within their organisations.

Flexible learning

Wrexham University now offer 100% online MBA’s, which are perfect for those unable to study in the traditional, on-campus way. The course materials are delivered online, so you can study at a time and place which suits you, on a variety of devices, meaning there’s no need to take a career break. You can earn as you learn and fit your studies around family and other commitments.

There are options to specialise in Marketing or Human Resources, and the flexible course design ensures a range of start dates throughout the year, so you can begin studying when it suits you. What’s more, there’s an option to pay-per-module, meaning there are no large upfront costs. You may also be entitled to a UK government backed postgraduate loan which would cover the full cost of the programme.